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QuinTango's Piccolo Spoleto Program - 2010

A Hundred Year Love Affair

- Joan Singer, violin - Jennifer Rickard, violin - Kerry Van Laanen cello - Libby Blatt, bass - Phil Hosford, piano
Harby Gonzalez & Erin Bolshakov, guest dancers

• Mi Buenos Aires Querido (Carlos Gardel)
• La Trampera (Aníbal Troilo/Berlinghieri)
• Don Agustín Bardi* (Horacio Salgan/Pino)
• El Andariego (Alfredo Gobbi/Marcelli)
• Palomita Blanca (Anselmo Aieta/Pino)
• Taquito Militar (Mariano Mores)
• Vida Mía (Juan Carlos Cobián/Berlinghieri)
• 9 de Julio* (José Padilla)
• Tierra Querida (Julio de Caro/Berlinghieri)
• Otoño Portñno (Astor Piazzolla/Espinoza)
• Triunfal (Astor Piazzolla/Marcelli)

Instant Seduction

• Jalousie (Jacob Gade)
• Por una Cabeza (Carlos Gardel)
• Danzarín* (Julián Plaza)
• Romance de Barrio (Aníbal Troilo/Marcelli)
• Ojos Negros (Vicente Greco/Berlinghieri)
• La Puñalada (Pintín Castellanos/Pino)
• El Día Que Me Quieras (Carlos Gardel)
• Tema Otoñal (Enrique Francini/Marcelli)
• Soledad (Astor Piazzolla)
• Corralera* (Anselmo Aieta/Berlinghieri)
• Pisciano (Osvaldo Berlinghieri)

*with dancers

We designed this year's programs to expand your tango experience. "A 100-Year Love Affair" takes us to Buenos Aires, from the early days in the barrio to Piazzolla's vision for a new tango. "Instant Seduction" is a more personal view - it looks at what happens to us when we encounter tango. TANGO AFTERNOONS: We have created two "Tango Afternoons" so that you can see both our shows and spend some quality time in between with the artists. On Wednesday and Friday we have a 2:00 show, followed by a talkback and dance lessons and then our second show (all in the same auditorium). We'll all be hanging out with you between the shows. In by 2:00 and out by 6:15 - almost as fun as a trip to Argentina - and you have enough time l eft in your day for another concert and a Low Country dinner. This interactive activity is available to anyone who sees both the shows. VIDEO: We are excited to be introducing video into our programs. Every year we tell you about the wonders of Argentina, but this year we are bringing these marvels to Piccolo!

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