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Educational Outreach
  • What activity do UCLA researchers say correlates with higher SAT scores, increased involvement in community leadership, and reduced drop out rates?
  • What subject does the National Governor's Association say is necessary for students to study if they are to learn critical workplace skills?
  • What is one area where you have the power to improve students' school experience right away?
In all three cases, the answer is Art.

QuinTango Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that has developed residencies and outreach programming that reflect our strong support for arts education. Working with our dance director Carina Losano andthe musicians of QuinTango, we offer school concerts, residencies with musicand/ordance instruction, senior citizen programming or workshops for teachers, musicians, and dancers.

  • Schools: All programming uses the cultural history of tango to illustrate parallels between the immigrant roots of tango and immigrant experiencesin the USA today. Residency programs allow students in grades 3-12 to study tangodance or music and then perform with QuinTango in public performances, developingtheir understanding of South America and performance techniques simultaneously. QuinTango's performance-based pedagogy allows instructors to mentor students in whatwe call the 4 P's of performance: Poise, Pay Attention, Partnership, Personality. Students must demonstrate respect for a partner, ability to negotiate the line of dance, understanding of both leadership and follower roles. These social skills are the very ones they need to get along in the classroom and in life - and they learn them as part of a tango lesson. In situations where a singleconcert is the optimal offering, QuinTango performs "The Story of Tango."
  • Communities: QuinTango has created residencies for groups in North Carolina, Appalachia, and Oklahoma.The ability of tango to appeal to diverseaudiences makes it an ideal subject for a community-wide project, with programmingfor elementary schools, senior citizen dance groups, university international studentgroups, high school orchestras, etc. Any group can be worked into a residency! Currently Washington Performing Arts Society and the Alexandria Commission for the Arts are funding QuinTango residencies.
  • Dancers and Musicians: QuinTango offers musicality workshops, tango dance classes for beginners through professional dancers, master classes forall levels of musicians.
As an Alexandria, VA-based organization, QuinTango Inc is especially interested in working with local youth. In 2010 the group worked with two Alexandria recreation centers. Starting in 2011 the group will offer their StringTango program in 4 elementary schools in the Alexandria. The group is currently looking for funding sources which will enable them to offer more educational opportunities to Alexandria's public school population, a population witnessing rapid growth in the Hispanic sector.

If you are interested in discussing how QuinTango might enhance your education program or work with your community center or senior groups, please contactJoan Singer at 703-548-6811 or email joan@quintango.com. Let's brainstorm together!

Joan Singer
Founding member and Director