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Tango Lovers (2014)

QuinTango’s long-awaited 6th album offers 13 new arrangements combining intimately-voiced strings and piano, the bandoneon’s unbuttoned dance energy and a stunning 1930's tango from war-torn Poland

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Track listing

  1. Mi Buenos Aires Querido (2:44)
  2. Inspiracion (5:05)
  3. Una Noche De Garufa (3:06)
  4. Romance De Barrio (3:16)
  5. Ojos Negros (3:10)
  6. Zorro Gris (2:28)
  7. Tierra Querida (3:38)
  8. La Trifulca (2:20)
  9. El Entrerriano (4:34)
  10. El Repique (2:22)
  11. Piedra Libre (4:36)
  12. To Ostatnia Niedziela (4:23)
  13. Tema Otonal (4:37)

Triunfal (2008)

An Editor's Pick from CDbaby.com. Triunfal won the Washington Area Music Award's WAMMIE for Best Latin Recording 2008!

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QuinTango Live! (en vivo!) (2005)

Tangos for listening and dancing recorded live at the 2004 Piccolo Spoleto Festival. The sumptuous string and piano chamber style in combination with infectious tango rhythms creates a delicious musical offering including four classic tangos superbly arranged by Osvaldo Berlinghieri, Astor Piazzolla s hauntingly beautiful Adios Nonino and Soledad, plus favorite contemporary milongas and tangos by Julian Plaza, Horacio Salgan, Mariano Mores. The appreciative sighs and applause of the festival audience are readily audible. Dedicated to Bruce Steeg, founding pianist of QuinTango, and to Robert Jones, Spoleto critic and tango lover, both of whom passed in 2003. Personnel: Joan Singer, Paula Akbar - violins; Jorge Espinoza-cello; Libby Blatt, bass; Jeffery Watson - piano. 

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Track listing

1. Tanguera
2. Soledad
3. Danzarin
4. Los Mareados
5. A Fuego Lento
6. Garn Hotel Victoria
7. Taquito Militar
8. Gallo Ciego
8. Nocturna
9. El Dia Que Me Quieras
10. Corralera
11. Adios Nonino
12. Canaro en Paris

To Buenos Aires with Love, QuinTango (2003)

QuinTango's third CD is their homage to the city of Buenos Aires and to the musicians who created the music that embodies that city, tango. It includes a special dedication to Osvaldo Berlinghieri, the great tango pianist and composer whose original composition "QuinTango," along with his arrangements of "Los Mareados," "Taconeando," and "Vida Mia" can be heard on this album. With guest artist, Daniel Diaz, bandoneon (Volver and Garua).

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Track listing
 1. Danzarin (Julian Plaza)
 2. Pisciano (Osvaldo Berlinghieri)
 3. A Fuego Lento (Horacio Salgan, arr. Pino)
 4. Adios Nonino (Astor Piazzolla)
 5. La Puñalada (Pintin Castellanos, arr. Pino)
 6. Vida Mia (Osvaldo Fresedo, arr. Berlinghieri)
 7. Volver (Carlos Gardel, arr. Patterson/Diaz)
 8. Desde el Alma (Rosita Melo, arr. Pino)
 9. QuinTango (Osvaldo Berlinghieri)
 10. Garua (Anibal Troilo, arr. Patterson/Diaz) 
 11. Los Mareados (Juan Carlos Cobian, arr. Berlinghieri)
 12. Nocturna (Julian Plaza)
 13. Taconeando (Pedro Maffia, arr. Berlinghieri)

Secret Places (2000)

 "QuinTango underscores this "all or nothing at all" commitment time and again on its new release, "Secret Places." -- The Washington Post

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Track listing
 1. Tanguera (Mariano Mores, arr. Jaurena)
 2. La Cumparsita (Gerardo Matos Rodriguez)
 3. El Dia Que Me Quieras (Carlos Gardel)
 4. 9 de Julio (José L. Padula)
 5. Historia de un Amor (Almaran, arr. Pino)
 6. Luna de Arrabal (Julio César Sanders)
 7. Caminito (Juan de Dios Filiberto, arr. Zulik)
 8. Fuga y Misterio (Astor Piazzolla)
 9. Taquito Militar (Mariano Mores, arr. Pino)
 10. Tus Besos Fueron Mios (Anselmo Aieta)
 11. Palomita Blanca (Anselmo Aieta, arr. Pino)
 12. Soledad (Astor Piazzolla)
 13. Esqualo (Astor Piazzolla)

QuinTango (1998)

 On this, its first self-titled release, QuinTango offers listeners a crash course in romantic, lush, wildly authentic tango music, revealing its dramatic power, sublime lyricism and curious history. -- The Washington Post

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Track listing 
1. Libertango
 2. Oblivion
 3. Por Una Cabeza
 4. No No No No
 5. Mi Buenos Aires Querido
 6. El Choclo
 7. Rio Sena
 8. Jalousie
 9. A Media Luz
 10. Besos Brujos
 11. Entre Sombras
 12. Madrid Madrid Madrid
 13. El Abrojo
 14. Un Beso
 15. Canaro En Paris
 16. Adios Muchachos